Thank you to all who attended the 2014 Right To Food Conference. Together we were able to put hunger on the agenda, and explore a range of solutions to food security issues.

The conference 2014 Call to Action can be found here, and conference presentations viewed here

Over 200 of us attended, representing a range of organisations. The conference evaluations show the not for profit sector had the strongest presence, followed by those working in the government sector.










The majority of us work with adult men and women. We also engage diverse communities and population groups,  working children, Aboriginal and To

WorkingWith1rres Strait Islander people, refugees/asylum seekers, and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We asked delegates what aspects of the conference will be most useful in their current work, and found the responses centered around five areas:

1. Learning

The majority of feedback from delegates highlighted the importance of knowledge gained at the conference. Many people indicated they learned much about the sector/services/strategies/issues. Furthermore, most people said this learning would support their current work and programs.

“I gained a better understanding of food security issues, and got ideas for programs to run in my community initiatives”. 

2. Networking/collaboration

Delegates indicated the contacts made and networks formed during the conference were highly valued, and would be used for creating further collaboration between organisations/sectors.

“Knowledge we are not alone!”

3. Advocacy

Many delegates suggested the focus on advocacy, particularly the conference advocacy workshop, would greatly support their work/organisation.

“Will be using tools/ideas from from presenters around policy/advocacy”.  

4. Inspiration 

For some, the conference offered inspiration to continue working in the area, and to work on different levels.

“Got to recharge my battery and ignite my passion in this area again.”

5. Practical solutions

And finally, people indicated the practical solutions that would help them in their work (e.g. lobbying local MPs, focus on land use planning, building capacity).

“Recognising people need food in their bellies to participate in my programs.”


The Right to Food Coalition received much positive feedback, and useful insights from conference delegates, and we thank everyone for their input.