Call to action

At the end of two fruitful days of inspiring speakers and practical workshops, delegates at the Putting Food on the Table conference came together for the ‘Food Security – it’s in your hands’ session to propose ways on how the Right to Food Coalition and interested stakeholders can advance the food security agenda in Australia.

The Right to Food Coalition has discussed some key demands as a platform for advocacy to
local, state and federal government.

The Right to Food Coalition and delegates endorsed the following calls to action:

1. There should be no extension of GST to all food, and current exemptions including
fresh fruit and vegetables should remain GST free

2. Proposed changes to welfare for young people under 30 years of age requiring a 6
month wait for benefits should be dropped

3. Systematic and ongoing research into the prevalence and effects of food insecurity
is needed

4. A strategic national approach to food insecurity must be developed

5. Australia must progress its commitment to implement the recommendations from the
World Health Organisation (WHO) Commission on the Social Determinants of Health

To view the preliminary Right to Food Coalition ‘Call to Action’ media release, click on the following link:

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