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The upcoming NSW election on March 25th is a great opportunity to put the right to healthy food squarely on the agenda, in a time that is financially difficult for so many Australians. It has been estimated that over 800,000 Australian adults face food insecurity each year and with the current financial crisis only expected to worsen, this number will continue to rise. 

“We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the serious and long-term impacts of food insecurity. It affects children’s concentration and educational outcomes, adults’ employment opportunities and family relationships. Food insecurity worsens chronic diseases and increases health care costs. Access to affordable healthy food is a key human right, and the NSW government must urgently take steps to see this right is upheld for everyone.” Liz Millen, Right to Food Coalition:

To analyse the major parties’ policies on food systems, sustainability and farming we have collaborated with Stain, Food Fairness Illawarra, Professor Karen Charlton from the University of Wollongong, Community Gardens Australia and Young Farmers Connect to create a Scorecard. The scorecard shown below depicts the strength of each party’s stance on various policy areas and gives them a score (three carrots: best practice, no carrots: no commitment).

The responses from the major parties are as follows:

With inflation continuing to rise, putting food on the table is getting harder and harder, especially for those with children. This week’s 7:30 program presented perhaps the most heart-breaking aspects of rising cost of living: over one million children are feeling hungry each day, going as far to keep this hunger a secret so as to not burden their parents.  This is simply not acceptable. Let’s all vote for a fairer and more sustainable food system in NSW!

Access to fresh, nutritious food is a fundamental human right, and an essential part of preventative public health. We want to see the next NSW government making a significant investment in a more sustainable food system to improve the health of our population and environment, for the benefit of all Australians.” Dr. Nick Rose, Executive Director at Sustain

Written by Sonal – Communications Team – on behalf of the RTF Coalition.

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