Representatives of Australia’s Right to Food Coalition have authored a library of resources. You are welcome to use our resources, but please remember to acknowledge the Coalition authors when you do.


Position statement: The Human Right to Food (2016)

Position statement: The Right to Eat Well (2016)

Paper: The Human Right to Food and Water in Australia - A compilation of specific food security strategies (2018)

Paper: The Human Right to Food and Water in Australia – a resource document (2018)

Position statement: A response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis on behalf of Australia’s Right to Food Coalition (2020)

Report: The impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity in the Greater Sydney and Illawarra region (2020)

Student reflection: Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity in Australia (2020)

Resource: Food mapping and directory resources (2020)


Submission to NSW Senate Enquiry into fresh food pricing (2018)

Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission on the draft District Plans (2017)

Submission to Upper House Inquiry into Childhood Overweight and Obesity (2016)


Parity magazine special edition – Beyond Emergency Food: Responding to Food Insecurity and Homelessness (2016)

The Right to Food – and how 1.2 million Australians miss out (2016)

Media release: Right to Food Coalition launch – 1.2 million Australians don’t have access to healthy food (2016)

Hunger in the midst of plenty – ABC Life Matters Interview with Joel Berg (2014)

Media release: Right to Food Coalition calls for action during Anti-Poverty Week (2014)

Media release: U.S. hunger expert warns of dangers of following U.S. example (2014)


Putting Food on the Table Conference 2014 Program

List of Joel Berg’s public lectures (October 2014)

Hunger in developed countries: why it exists and how we can end it (Joel Berg)

Keynote video: Food security as a social determinant (Martin Laverty)

Keynote video: Food security – an Aboriginal perspective (Karen Beetson)

Keynote video: Nourishing our country (Ronni Kahn)

Keynote video: How to organise a food policy that works (David Adams)

Keynote video: Jamie’s Ministry of Food – inspiring communities (Catherine Harding)

Keynote video: Fuelled by Foodbank: a large scale solution to a large scale problem (Jason Hincks)

Presenter video: Utilising systems thinking to improve access to nutritious food (Julia McCartan)

Presenter video: Intersections between STARTTS systemic approach and food security (Jasmina Bajraktarevic)

Presenter video: Is food banking a solution to food poverty? (Brigit Busicchia)

Presenter video: Local government legal structures to build community resilience to food insecurity (Liesel Spencer)

Presenter video: Building a Healthy Food For All Strategy (Rex Milligan)

Presenter video: Food security: The role of not-for-profit and community sector organisations in Sydney (Bob Fagan)

Presenter video: Food for all Tasmanians (Leah Galvin)

Presenter video: What about the others – asylum seekers, food security and justice (Patrick Lawrence)

Presenter video: Contested Landscapes (Ian Sinclair)

Presenter video: The Australian Red Cross response to increasing food security throughout Australia (Jennifer Evans, Holley Jones and Caitlin Evans)

Presenter video: Integrating food security into the local government agenda (Amy Lawton and Dany Ya)

Presentation: Investigating a competency framework with food literacy facilitators (Giovina Rocconi)

Presentation: Addressing food security among vulnerable asylum seekers (Helen Barnard)

Presentation: Fairfield Refugee Nutrition Project (Eloise Le Compte)

Presentation: Utilising systems thinking to improve access to nutritious food (Julia McCartan)

Presentation: Food Affordability in Sydney (Jenni Downes)

Presentation: The Big Feed (Kay Richardson)

Presentation: Tasty training for the community sector (Kelly Smith)

Presentation: Educating a new generation of food producers (Michelle Carrick)

Presentation: Getting it right: grassroots delivery (Mike Meyer and Joanne Perry)

Presentation: Community gardens as part of the solution (Phil Pettitt)

Presentation: Healthy Outback Kids (Pollyemma Antees)

Presentation: Supporting Creative Solutions (Sue Gordon and Nerida Deane)